Die Gabe - [Roman]
Alison Croggon; Michael Krug
Lübbe (2007)
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Fiction / Fantasy / General
Broschiert 340428514X
"This first book in the Pellinor series introduces the reader to Maerad, a young girl just coming into adulthood, rescued from slavery by Cadvan, an ancient and powerful Bard. When Maerad is drawn to find her long-lost brother, Hem, who she has thought dead, and on to Norloch to be initiated into the White Flame, their journey takes them through a rich and complex landscape and culture. Maerad, Cadvan and Hem must confront the unknown and survive the terrifying opposing forces that threaten to overwhelm them. Along the way they will come to realise that Maerad is, in fact, the prophesised 'Fated One' who will save their world from the Nameless - the greatest of evils. All seems hopeless when with few clues and the agents of Darkness on their tail they are forced to separate and flee Norloch."--Provided by publisher.
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Dewey A823.3
Cover Price €12.95
No. of Pages 460
Height x Width 210 x 134  mm
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