The Company
K.J. Parker
Orbit (2009)
In Collection
Fantasy Fiction
Fiction / Fantasy / General
Paperback 9781841495101
Hoping for a better life, five war veterans colonize an abandoned island. They take with them everything they could possibly need - food, clothes, tools, weapons, even wives.The colonists feel sure that their friendship will keep them together. But an unanticipated discovery shatters their dream and replaces it with a very different one. Only then do they begin to realize that they've brought with them rather more than they bargained for.For one of them, it seems, has been hiding a terrible secret from the rest of the company. And when the truth begins to emerge, it soon becomes clear that the war is far from over.
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Dewey 823.92
Cover Price €7.99
No. of Pages 464
Height x Width 192 x 126  mm
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